Starweaver (starweaver) wrote in san_jose,

Help a girl out?

I thought I'd be good til the 1st of the year, but my contract ends tomorrow. Can anyone help me out with any leads for creative type jobs - web design, graphic design, print design - or give me any leads to agencies who deal with those kind of placements? I'm working with the Creative Group and Aquent right now, but would love any leads on anything else anyone knows of. I'm kind of nervous because I had been planning on saving the bulk of my last few paychecks to get me through to my next job and now that I'm not going to get those, I'm needing to get working asap! Oh yeah, I'm in Fremont - willing to work anywhere Bart goes or in South Bay/Silicon Valley and am willing to go contract or perm or any permutation there of if the job is right, so I'm pretty open Thanks in advance for any leads anyone throws my way!

x posted to sfbayarea as well, sorry if you get double posts. I really need as many leads as I can get right now!
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