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proposition song

Figured this was worth sharing muchly:

Having a Mom as goofy as I am, sometimes even moreso, helps me considerably. Especially when I have an odd question for her she doesn't usually react like 99.9% of the rest of the world would. Today's quandry had to do with something I heard on the news but the information that I tried to secure in my head (at 5:45 in the bloody morning) so I could look it up when I got to work. There's this son that covers all the propositions and I figured heard the whole version, they only did a snippet on the news, would help me with my voting on the well as anyone else I shared it with.

The problem was that somehow by the time I got to work proposition had mutated into presbyterian and postpartum; that last one amused Mom to no end...and she found it surprisingly appropriate given the political wrangling surrounding this current voting session.

Anyway, enjoy and share with everyone!
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