Aeaeae (greeklady) wrote in san_jose,

SF GATE Needs to hear from the South Bay!

According to this SFGATE article Bargain Bites considers Healdsburg part of the SF BAY are but apparently there is nothing south of Foster City on the list.

For all you south bay residents, please write to them at food @ sfchronicle dot com and let them know the south bay is alive and well.

Since when is Healdsburg part of the SF Bay area? They are no where near a bay. Well perhaps Bodega Bay, but not SF BAY yet they are listed. And even though I hail from Calistoga and it is my favorite place to be, they aren't part of the SF Bay either, but they are listed. Come on people, lets show them what good can come from the south bay. We haven't had any late night robberies like the east bay. We have good eats here. Lets tell people about them.
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